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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 21, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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marxist and we found out she's a witch. i only have one question, is she a good witch or bad welcome to "red eye". it is like finding nemo if nemo is a broken stall in a bathroom. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show 1234. >> coming up on the big show, the race to become delaware's next senator takes a turn for the weird. we'll try to figure out which witch is which. and a german musical about president obama enters a race for the most awesomest thing ever. and what could be the greatest wedding gift in the history of the world, divorce insurance. greg? >> thank you, andy. >> a theme like thee may bear my soul from hell. >> i apologize for nothing. >> why should you? >> let's welcome our guest. >> i am -- she is a political strategist. she is so hot that her son sued her for plagiarism.
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mike gallagher, host of "the mike gallagher show" named after mike gallagher. and bill shultz. he is alive and stinks of garbage and failure. >> he is so sun fee he can -- >> see is so funny he can make milk come out of his nose. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> check out our on on-line times cast page where michael bloomberg looks forward to a life after politics. may i be so bold to suggest you buy the paper of record, good sir? don't think about it, just do it. >> buy us, billionaire, buy us. did her campaign hit a glitch because she once was a witch? or were the voters of -- or will the voters of delaware fall under her stair unaware?
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yes, bill maar is at it again releasing video from 1999 where she dabbled in witch craft. >> i dabbled in witch craft, but i never joined a coven. >> wait, you were a witch? >> i didn't join a coven. >> i dabbled in witch craft and hung around people who were doing these things. i am not making this stuff up. i know what they told me they do. >> the scarest thing about that is i don't recognize anybody from that show which is really frightening because that was 10 years ago. where are all those people? >> one of them is from "three's company" or something like that? >> no, jaime kennedy. >> o'donnell made light of the whole thing on sunday taking a shot at karl rove who has openly questioned her elect ability. >> the witch craft comment on bill maar, i was in high school. how many of you didn't hang
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out with questionable folks in high school? but there has been no witch craft since. if there was karl rove would be a supporter now. >> she then went back to her hotel room and changed into two cats. that took years of training. >> that was good editing. he was just turning around there, greg. it would turn into a different show. >> you see one cat rolling on his back "what am i paying for? ". >> mike i i want to ask you, she indulged in silly stuff. we all do in high school. but it is not a cocaine habit. >> i hate this story. i hate bill maar, and i hate the fact i want to defend her.
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i'm terry tea party over here, but i don't know that people look the other way when she talks about the midnight rendezvous on the blood-stained altar. there salts difference. >> a little too much for you? >> maybe a little over the top. >> he just turned you on to her. you now want to date her. >> it sounds like a good idea to me. >> who doesn't love a sacrifice and a graveyard? >> but you know what, no matter what people say about her and joke about her, look, she got 53% of the vote, and she is a for to be reconed with. she shook-up the republican establishment and the democrat establishment and she has a good chance of rinking -- chance of winning witch craft or not. that's it. >> i think the witch craft will help her. i really do. it is a selling point. normally you don't get to preview a past witch. >> but being a former tea fart
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candidate, i don't think christians >> >> but being a former tea party candidate they can be a wicken. >> you know you have a problem as ad candidate when there hasn't been any witch craft since my teenage years. that's a problem. i'm sorry. >> i don't know how old she was during the bill maar years, but wasn't she try toimg press those people by -- trying to impress those people by having a creative and funny story and so she fit in with the celebritys? >> she didn't say i am making this up, and she didn't deny it now. >> exactly. >> the best part is, not only was she talking about the blood-stained altar, she said she was going on a date. and she was dating a witch. anyone knows a male witch was a war lock so not only was she dating a witch x but a female
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witch. >> do you think this is hurting her? >> she won. >> she won before this came out. >> but i think it has made her interesting and she is laughing about it. i thought it was a good joke. >> how great would it be if everyone she ran against grabbed their throats. >> eyes fell out. >> vok mitting hornets because she made fun of her. >> she is like a female forest gump. she is in every pop culture phenomenon. she was in the abstinence movement and witch craft and now she looks like sarah palin. she jumps trends. >> ping-pong champion. >> she hung out with the legless guy. >> yeah, lieutenant dan. >> i think this lady is going to win. >> i hope she does. i don't know how you bounce back, but i don't like the phrase -- i notice she said "i dabbled into witch craft." i think you dabble in witch craft and not dabble into it.
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>> i don't know if that is charming. >> but if she does win, it will show how people are dealing with this obama era. people are suffering so much that if she is a witch now -- >> obama is a christian. this girl is a secret wiccan. >> like i said, she dabbled with the oijie board. >> he went to church this week. the fourth time in a couple years. >> he prayed to the east while he was in there. i thought that was troubling. >> on a mat. from o'donnell to obama, it is like fame, but lame. barack sets iraq. it is the obama musical story. clumsy title, but they are german. the story premiered in that strange country with songs performed by owe bo obama's character as well as hillary and mccain. now they are talking about an american tour with songs like
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"yes we can,"" rock the vote" and, president "don't tell everyone i'm a secret muslim." >> ♪ yes we can >> ♪ we can leave this world with honor ♪ >> ♪ can we learn to believe ♪ oh yes, we can >> it is like "glee" meets "the jeffersons." according to the synopsis, americans are, quote, suddenly caught by a wave of hope for change. the hope is trirged by the rise of the -- triggered by barack obama who restores the people's courage and confidence, blah, blah, blah. for more we go to the red eye theater critic, dog scared of the storm scared dog.
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>> i would be scared too. but i would also clean the bathroom before you do any youtube up loadable stuff. it is pretty em embarassing. >> the owner has the peanut butter. >> peanut butter in the toilet. do you want me to elaborate? >> i don't think you have to. how beautiful was that? >> i saw them on oz fest, they were terrific. but i love musicals, especially when they have to sing what they say. but it wasn't as calf. i watch -- it wasn't as awful. i wanted it to suck more than it did. >> it sounded pretty good. it reminded me of the inspirational jefferson theme thong "we're moving on up." >> it reminded me of church, gospel music. does he have a come --
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compelling story? but people are comparing it to "chicago" and" hairspray." it will take the country by storm. the dude got a nobel peace prize, for what? who knows. >> how quickly would you throw up? >> i did a little bit already, just quietly. >> that's right. >> there is such a desperate attempt to create this narrative of this great hope change story. listen, the country is going down the tubes. this guy is doing his best to destroy it. and now a musical is more than i can take. there is more than slightly gnaws yating. >> bill here is the thing, there is a condescending attitude here. look how charming it is. the germans say look how charming it is that america elected a black man and that's what the musical is about. i feel like this is from germany. i have to remind you, this is germany.
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>> this is great. they had one road and one road only. now all we have to do is make sure that steven was jewish and we should be fine. >> you were staging your own obama musical for an od od -- for an audience of pigeons. >> they gave me wings with applauses. >> and did you get a tony? >> i got a mony. >> you know, greg, fun fact for everyone, but the theme song for the jeffersons was sung by janet due -- janet dubois. >> we are doing black in the day. >> why are you only doing black shows? because we are talking about the black president? >> i couldn't even let him have his moment. >> i know. >> any "cosby" fans? good lord. >> nothing like "good times."
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speaking of good times, to the greg uh -- to the greg-alogue. so last week's census data showed there are 50.67 million uninsured americans. that is statistically a crap load. but mark j perry is good as uh sembling such crap. there are pen town 6 uninsured americans making $75,000 a year or more and 9.4 million americans without health insurance making between 50 and 75 grand. all in all, that's nearly 40% of americans without health insurance living in households last year with 50 grand or more of household income. while we have been constantly told people cannot afford insurance, these numbers say otherwise. some reject insurance by choice. maybe because they are self-insured or more likely to get their prescriptions at wal-mart. more to the point, the people
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i know that don't have health insurance don't care because obama made a career trotting out tragic anecdotes for those without insurance. scott, my flight attendant roommate who may exist spends husband money on travel, booze and drugs and spending $800 on beer, inhale lents, locksmiths and antibiotics. meanwhile he says he lacks health ipse. what he doesn't complain about is he can't afford health insurance, because he can. he chooses to spend the cash on stuff that makes him throw up on his mandels. and so do millions of other brats wining about lack of healthcare and being able to afford it. but it doesn't matter now because we are paying for other people's choices. it is called spreading the wealth which means tonight i am stealing scott's drug. if you disagree with me, are you a racist homophobe.
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so, mike, here is my question, no one talks about why. it is like we talk about that people have no health insurance, and cloarly there is -- and clearly there are people who don't -- like, i never thought about health insurance until i got a job and it was offered to me. i never made the choices and it never entered my mind. but i thought about buying records -- oh, i am dating myself. cd's. >> vinyl, 8 track. >> i thought about going to the malt shop. >> this is the most important story fox news viewers will see all week. if you make 50 to $75,000 a year or more, you can go out and get private insurance. they don't want to. there are people who make a choice. that's what is so unamerican and unconstitutional about this stupid obama care. we are already seeing the price being paid. colorado -- two states, colorado and connecticut already announcing rate hikes that have been approved by the state to offset the cost of
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obama care. the fact is those statistics prove there are millions of americans who don't have health insurance because they don't want to. and guess what, you can't make them. you can't for them. >> are you a comedian. you have to seek out your own insurance, right? >> i am covered now by saag. >> it is good insurance. >> it is. for 10 years i didn't have insurance. but i did have the money for it and ironically i spent my money on other things to get valtrex which is now covered by my insurance. >> that may be the happiest ending i have ever heard. that's the point though. my friends spend their money on things that harm their health, not health insurance. that's all they do. >> and it is unconstitutional. where is the state that they have to pay for health insurance and it goes back to welfare. they can take care of themselves, so they are going to be with the system. and massachusetts was a great example of how this universal
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healthcare just didn't work. so it is not connecticut. first, it was massachusetts. >> you must agree to this. people choose to pry your ties based on the things they like to do. >> well, i'm not still agreeing with the fact you have friends. who are these people you know? >> scott was more an amalgam of people. >> i always paid for freelance insurance and it sucks. most of the time i work from home. >> you don't have a home. >> look, i don't think obama's healthcare system is the answer, healthcare reform is the answer. but the system in and of itself is broken. >> it is broken and do we need reform? yes. >> there is the wrong kind of reform, and these numbers don't lie. this is the dirty little secret the left nef wants to address. -- never wants to address. the fact of the matter is they
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won't answer why there are millions of people. why don't we evaluate why they are not ensured. >> it was $500 a month when i was unemployed. it comes to $7,000. you can find $7,000, trust me. i had to steel. coming up, can sprinkling heroin on your cereal help you lose weight and get fit? angela mcgowan shares her story. and should pastor jones have to pay for being crazy? let's say yes and kick bill in the face.
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it is a ridiculous stand. thanks to the many threats terry jones and his flock received after scheduling and can selled a quran burning.
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members of a s.w.a.t team are assigned to protect his holiness and his mustache. they are sticking to a bill of $200,000. they say it willbank rupt his ministry -- will bankrupt his ministry. if we had known this in advance we could have refused to have security. or not tell everyone you are burning the quran, you d-bag. no i what church -- you know what church is the ministry? >> this is my farm. >> nice pose. >> mornin. >> ♪ healthy mind and body ♪ is my game
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♪ >> nothing creepy about that at all, nothing creepy. good, wholesome fun. >> then you wonder why i have nightmares after this show. >> jim, should he have to pay for security? >> no, absolutely not. how about you send the bill to obama and petraeus and bloomberg and the media. these are the ones who created the frenzy around the jackass he couldn't have created himself. it is the cop's job. they don't take care of you and then hand uh bill. how about a bill for islam where people will cut your throat? >> how about ahmadinejad? he hates america, but when he comes here we have to protect him. >> i spoke last week at this 9/11 mosque and the dutch freedom fighter and a member of the dutch parliament is
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under intense security. he has had the gut to go out and say islam -- evil us law mick tenants -- >> they are after him because of his name. >> he says his life is a bad "b" movie and can't go anywhere without being protected. the people that threaten him walk free. >> i don't think you should have to pay, because it is not like he perpetuated a hoax. you know the woman who faked her wedding and being kid pd that, that she should pay. but, they should force him to watch the cop cars with his big mustache. >> or what would be more detrimental, force him to shave. >> i also think it was a hoax. he did it all for the media attention. >> but he cultivated it. >> and he only had, what, 15 members? we have given him the platform. but should he pay $200? no. >> at the end of the day,
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jim's right. if the threat is exter national, he shouldn't have to pay. it is not his fault that people want to kill him even though he is a jerk. >> every time they have to be protected people will kill them at a soldier's funeral. >> and i guarantee they are not paying a dime. >> they should go on tour together. >> they have. >> this guy is hard to defend. he is a real creep. >> that has to be fun hanging out with them. i bet they don't drink. >> not a lot of laughter. not a lot of laughter. coming up, are your plants plotting against you? angela explains why she is spushs of shrubs -- she is suspicious of shrubs. >> does he deserve to be dead? we report, skip bed.
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a -- what do a pack of skit tells and a newborn have in common? nothing. now you can add divorce insurance. it is the greatest intro ever. that's the idea behind wedlock insurance .com. it of oners casualty insurance to the unhappily married. for $16 a month individuals can get about $1250 of coverage should they ever get unhitched. the only catch, you have to up the anti for at least four years before the policy will pay out. well worth it according to the
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site which points out with yearly benefit increases buying 10 years of coverage for 10 years could net you almost $30 grand come divorce time. for more we go to our recent de divorcee, dj donny whiskers. >> if has been a tough time for him lately. his wife left him. he is doing the best he can. >> you and the cats. >> jim, how do you bring this up without sounding like a pessimist? >> we are just a country of repulsive individuals. you know what else is great? oral sex. if you have that, your marriage will be fine. that's all you need. >> that's all you need. >> it used to be all you need is love. now it is all you need is sex. >> jim goes to places that you
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need to be prepared. >> is this something you will never have to worry about? >> no, and i don't want to be lonely anymore. i am completely against this, and the best way for me to preserve the marriage i will no doubt have with some super old, super rich chick is to never, ever have divorce insurance. it is too much stress on the marriage, no prenup and no divorce insurance and run around vigorously on a hot day. >> i am all for capitalism, and for the spirit of entrepreneur ship, you don't need a prenup. some say when you do a prenup agreement they say marriage will fail. >> if you say marriage is a business deal going in, you are not getting into the marriage for the right reason. jim is so right. >> about the oral sex? >> no. that's not what i said.
3:31 am
it is just a bunch of pathetic people. it is sad with p re nups and the divorce insurance, no wonder the divorce rate is so high. >> what if this is something your relatives buy you who are like -- you know, they see who you are marying and they are concerned it is not going to work out, they are the ones who buy it. >> they start planting cancers in your marriage and thoughts and rumors. >> setting you up with a hooker. >> that is not quite the bridal registry at target. >> it is a great wedding gift from parents to kids. >> it will cause fights and then the mother-in-law comes over and the whole nine yards. i still say do a prenup. >> it is one thing to be a failure at marriage and quite another to be a failure at divorce. if if i am going to get a divorce, i want to be fairly
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even going in. from marriage to mascots. is he is a symbol of hate or does he deserve a weight. after being banned as a man dressed as a confederate soldier where 14% of students are black, the character is of a southern plantation owner hasn't been the official team mascot since 2003, but his image is everywhere on fan merchandise, caps, coffee mugs, meshed thongs, i happen to own three thank you very much. but no longer. over the summer ole miss announced the ban of the mug and they will pick a new mascot. what are the candidates? dog confused by escalator.
3:33 am
>> it is dumb animal night. a lot of dumb animals. i include myself in that, by the way. angela, you are from ole miss. >> i am a graduate from oxford, mississippi. you will still be able to buy the paraphernalia with the colonel rebel. with when i went to ole miss, i was a rebelett. at that time we had the confederate flag. i held a boycott, of course. it is great for a state flag, georgia, south carolina, mississippi, but as a school flag, a lot of people thought it was offensive. we helped get rid of that. at the end of the day, i talked to students at ole miss and they say if it offends one, or 14% of the students it offends all of us. >> i keep my confederate flag on the ceiling above my water bed that way i am the only one who sees it. >> it is disrespectful how much blood splatters.
3:34 am
>> by the time it is too late. >> i wanted to say this so bad during the big debate. this guy in speech class said, angela, what do blacks want? if we put aunt jaw my ma in the middle of the confederate flag would you be happy? of course i had to be dismissed because i needed to give him a piece of my mind. >> was that andy levy? >> i can't believe you got dismissed from class and he did not. that little cracker got an "a." >> i had to leave. there is a strange proos success of trying to distract everything from the past as if there weren't colonels or a plantation and a confederate flag. they say, just move it and pretend it didn't exist. it is nonsense. >> if you go to a state institution against federal funding and they are getting federal funding. >> what if people are offended by the people who want the flag taken down.
3:35 am
>> it is not just black people or white people. if it is a school that has federal funding -- >> your areg mend -- >> not my argument. >> you said, if one person is offended everybody is. then everyone is offended. >> it was not a war on terror. it was about wanting to own slaves. >> the flag existed. >> call in jeffrey domer. >> did the school cave to the politically correct police. >> i think the colonel sucks and all mascots. they are not entertaining. you know what a mascot should do? the stadium should be silent while he dances is makes an ass out of himself. >> we add weird, miss shapen bear, and he was never allowed to take it off. you would see him walking the streets at like 2:00 a.m. and he still wore the giant
3:36 am
head. frankly i admired that. >> i went to emerson college which was primarily musical theater. >> just running beers with a hot girl. >> the thing about changing the mascot to hotty-cotty. or rebel lion which is rebellion. >> i like what you read in the tele prompter and your people wrote colonel as in the popcorn. they know if i saw it the other way i would pronounce it that way. >> colonial. >> it is that that the people know that. >> what part of mascots, the inside of the uniform smell. >> you know you knock 10 years off your life for that. >> and i felt so wacky.
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all the fans cheered. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and to leave a voicemail on my direct line call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. kind of worthless if you ask me.
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welcome back. let's find out if we've gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to andy levy. sorry to hear about the leg. >> thanks, appreciate. it. >> no problem. >> kristine o'donnell is a witch. greg, you think the witch craft thing will help, and angela, you said the tea party folks may not go for it. but she is a christian. isn't christianity all about redemption? >> it is all about redemption, but certain folks can os
3:41 am
trough size you, so she needs to get off the witch stuff and talk policy. >> i wished she didn't turn gingrich into a newt. and i also want to see why they didn't deal with liz -- lesbianism. >> you called o'donnell a secret wiccan. real witches don't have anything to do with say dan. in fact, they don't have anything to do with satan. >> did i mention satan? >> you called her a secret wiccan. >> she said, satan. >> angela, here are the things i do care about. >> do tell. >> i think she needs to answer questions about improper use of campaign funds. i care about the fact she thinks gay people can be cured. and i care she may be part of the anti-dinasaur wing.
3:42 am
>> no matter what you think, andy, 53% of the people voted for her, and she might win and might be the next senator from delaware. >> you are a true american and you should have concerns. go call your friends in delaware and tell her to vote against her. >> i don't have friends. >> i will be your friend. >> are you not in delaware. >> if you want me be to, i will go there. >> okay. obama the musical. mike, you said there was a desperate attempt to paint obama. don't you think it would have been better two years ago when people believed that crap? >> yeah, but leave it to the germans to be a day late and a couple years short. >> greg-alogue, greg you noticed the census figure of 50.67 million uninsured americans and said mark perry is good at disseem belling: i
3:43 am
think you meant disuh seem sh ad sh ad disassembling. >> and i think it is obvious what a proctophobe. and there is a band called procstophobic. >> mike, you said this is an important story in that it is a dirty little secret ma many uninsured people have chosen to not be insured. but when you are the president and you give a speech, you should be able to say, we need these things for jane smith would can't afford insurance. instead of saying john smith needs insurance, but doesn't want to get it. >> i think this is the dirty little secret i am glad is getting out there. >> it was weird to hear you say what we did was the most important story. >> cops to pastor jones.
3:44 am
angela, you said he shouldn't pay $200,000, but something should happen. >> what? >> i don't know. maybe like greg said, wash the cop cars with his beard. >> he didn't break any laws. >> yeah. but he caused a lot of trouble. >> it is not illegal to be mischievous. >> and to enact your first amendment right. ahmadinejad, folks who hate our country, we can pay for them to come and we pay him. >> you know the price he pays? >> what? >> ridicule. >> well, never talk it again after today. pretend he doesn't exist. >> he is already paying for police protection through taxes. >> bill, you said jones did perpetrate a hoax, that you don't think he intended to burn the quran.
3:45 am
i actually agree with you, but i don't think he should pay for protection. >> by the way, i thought the best story we have done in the past calendar week was the bearded lady who turned out to be the adoptive m month. >> that was the most important story all year. that won an award from bearded mom weekly. >> and carney weekly. >> way behind it. >> we did that story last calendar week. it is monday. jim, kud oz to you for your honesty in this segent in. it had something to do with certain act. >> oh, oh. by the way, i am not getting divorce insurance until gay people can get divorce insurance. i am like the brad pitt. >> you are like the lady gaga. >> people will think she is silly.
3:46 am
>> you can tweet that, jim. >> andy just called me a fruit. i am quoting my own twitter. >> it is called recycling. >> i think i saw that newt joke a week ago. >> that was yesterday, i believe. >> allegedly a joke. >> exactly. >> that was a cycle? >> good lord! >> that was planned. >> you can't come up with stuff that bad off the top of your head. greg, you said this would be a great wedding present. i also thought it would be great for people like me to give to people getting married. in order to be a policyholder you need an insurable interest in the person being insured. so you have to be related to them or have a business relationship with them. doesn't seem fairment.
3:47 am
>> life isn't fair, andy. oh miss mascot. greg, you keep your confederate flag above your water bed 1234* you are the only one conscious to see it. >> yes, it is the last thing people see before -- >> and afterwards they don't remember seeing it. >> it is all good. >> mike, i don't think it is a question of pretending the confederacy never existed. it is a question of what a symbol of the confederacy may mean to some people. >> we only started removing the symbols in the last few years. you say, oh if it is offensive, take it down. -- take it dowfnlt you can't extract what was there. for many the confederate flag is a symbol of the south heritage. they interest did favor slaves. >> but maybe we should have removed it a longtime ago. i think maybe because we have a black president now people want to be more pc. >> well people want to be more pc -- >> there is a difference between being pc and consider
3:48 am
rat of other people's feelings. it is easy to say you are being pc every time. >> the consideration goes one way. how about for those whose feelingses -- >> i remember people used to own slaves and they are upset they don't anymore. >> that's not what i said. >> they didn't only just own this -- own them, but they used to breed them as well. it is a part of the history. take things into consideration. >> i am against slavery. >> i am too. >> i am for types of slavery. but involving grown men. >> gotta go. i have been told you have to go. >> see you later. i will take the rest of the blog. are you done? oh he's gone. coming up, which actor thinks
3:49 am
the tea party has a racist agenda. i'll tell you. or will you? -- or will i?
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and now to sadder news, at least for me. the topic of the tea party was discussed on last friday's
3:53 am
bill maar show. they asked if they thought it was racist and john hamm answered. >> there is a secret. it is the secret agenda. when they say or gingrich says he is a tribesman it is also code. we need to take back america. >> who are we taking about back from? we still have -- americans still have america. i don't know who we need to take it back from. >> of course the audience applaud. it they always do. sorry, john, i don't think i am watching "the office" ever again. he is on "the office"? >> wrong show. >> i don't know what angers me more, his opinions or weird hair. but it is sell fush. this is -- selfish. i love "mad men" and he ruined it for me.
3:54 am
i i can't help without the d-bag attitude. >> it is another white, floaty actor. any other white people are racist. they live in a bubble in hollywood. they are dummies. every one locks their door when a block guy approaches. >> you have your limb seen liberals. don't move to my neighborhood. i used to like mad men too. >> and they make their millions and spew their garbage after they get rich and famous. but they get paid to put milwaukee up on and pretend to be somebody they are not. that's the assistant -- that's the extent of their life. >> why open their mouth? don't they care about half of the audience that watches them and doesn't feel the way they do. >> you have tea party supporters that are not all white. they don't want to talk about that. >> that's my buddy, hank. >> that's why they thought he wasn't white. >> fortunately it turns out he was white as a white devil.
3:55 am
>> last word, bill, give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe because he was on bill maar he was playing to that sap pea audience? >> i hate when celebrities talk politics. shut up and do your job you trained monkeys. but having said that -- this is so two sided, you guys. when ever i hear a d-list republican that says something, it is front and center in a conservative blog. >> fair point. say why because it is so rare. >> it is rare. >> it is 15 to 1 and i have to move on. to see clips of recent shows go to
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back to tv's andy leafy for the post game wrap up. >> marcos island this week?
3:59 am
>> yes, and the s is silent. i will be there thursday sh friday and saturday. tickets are going fast. >> seriously? >> no. >> mike, how is gallagher's army. >> jim norton one of the funniest guys on the planett in. gallagher's army .com. help these families of these slain cops. >> excellent. do you think this small stimulus bill will help come november? >> no, they are losers. >> that's the level the political discourse we are at? they are losers. >> liberals are losers. >> bill, they hoda updates? >> no, because i am a liberal and a loser. >> back towrks greg. -- back to you, greg. >> thank you, andy. a special thank you to angela, always a delight. bill shultz,


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